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Fun with science (F4R for educators EN)

About the course

This course is a supplement to the Have fun with science – F4R Young refugees training course. It pro-vides pedagogues and lecturers with methodological instructions and extension activities that are linked to the course intended for pupils.

What can the course offer me as a teacher?

Inspiration for how you can develop students' interest in the world around us, which is intertwined with modern technologies! Use these guidelines to your advantage.

What topics will be discussed in the course?

  • Man and computer
  • Man and robot
  • Man and smart technologies
  • Man and printing
  • Man and health
  • Man and nature

Course Staff

Course Staff Image #1

Viktor Chejlava

University of West Bohemia

Course Staff Image #1

Viola Vrbová

University of West Bohemia

Frequently Asked Questions

What browser should I use?

The Eduskop platform works best with the current version of Chrome, Firefox, Safari, or Edge.

What will I need to complete the course?

A computer that is connected to the Internet, and a current web browser.