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International Project Management

About This Course

Theoretical foundations required to build the necessary critical thinking and appreciation needed for practical application that cover the following subject matter: fundamentals of Project Management and associated knowledge areas (risk, cost, time, etc.); fundamentals of Cross-Cultural Management relative to the findings of various cultural anthropologists and The Globe Project (Hall, Trompenaars, Molinsky, etc.). Discussion centres on the cultural work ethic, perception of time, business behaviours, as well as the ad-hoc cultural components of language and religion.

Practical application comprises situational analyses based on case studies and action research. This segment is augmented using videos, interviews, and simulations: 1. Communication skills 2. Business and work ethics 3. Notions of time and its management 4. Team building in individualistic/collectivistic cultures 5. Conflict management 6. Negotiation across cultures 7. Leadership across cultures 8. Evaluating performance across cultures

There are no prerequisites for this course.

Comparable to Project Management in industry, each member of a project team is responsible for the success of the project. These qualities include an active contribution, demonstrated professionalism that includes punctuality, respect, and innovation. To reflect these industry standards, participants are evaluated on their individual performance during lectures and in developing their academic and professional profile. Participation in the CoP enables members to refine their intercultural project management skills.

Course Staff

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Dr. Richard BRUNET-THORNTON, FRSA, MIM, MBA, PhD is a member of the Department of Management, Faculty of Business Administration of the Prague University of Economics and Business. He is the Executive Advisor- Institute of Management [International School of Business and Management MBA | Centres of Excellence | Executive Education];Executive Director of the Cross-Cultural Management Centre and Executive Consultant of the Centre for Digital Transformation. Research interests centre on intercultural management and communications, intercultural negotiation styles, cultural anthropology and ethnology, and intercultural knowledge management. Given his 45-year experience in the IS/IT industry as head of an international business practice, has worked in over 40 counties in this capacity. Richard’s other interests include international project management and the cultural aspects of digital transformation. He holds editorial positions on various scholarly journals and publication boards. Richard, a former member of the Project Management Institute, is a Fellow of the Royal Society of the Arts (UK) and a member of the American Psychological Association.

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