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Fundraising for Arts and Culture

About This Course

In recent years, arts and culture organizations have faced increased pressure to evolve in response to a rapidly changing social, political and economic climate and to demonstrate their value, relevance and significance in this shifting landscape. This pressure has been exacerbated by declining public funding for cultural institutions, a trend that has impacted arts and culture organizations around the world. Within this challenging and fast-changing environment, arts and culture organizations have been required to explore new business models that embrace multiple sources of funding, enabling declining public investment to be augmented by self-generated income and business sponsorship.

Fundraising is nowadays an integral part of arts and cultural organizations´ survival strategy. This course explores the fundamental aspects of fundraising, different funding sources for arts and culture organizations and annual fundraising campaign, a backbone of every fundraising strategies.

Course Staff

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Marek Prokůpek, Ph.D.

Marek Prokůpek is Assistant Professor of Arts Management, Cultural Economics, and Art Markets at the Prague University of Economics and Business. From 2018 to 2020, he was a Postdoctoral Fellow at the LabEx ICCA (Industries culturelles et création artistique) in Paris. Marek’s research interests are primarily in the areas of museum fundraising and philanthropy and its ethical aspects and dilemmas, arts finance, performance measurement and innovative business models of arts and cultural organisations. In addition, focuses on the issue of museum observatories and statistics. Dr. Prokůpek held the position of visiting professor at the Università Roma Tre in Rome and the KEDGE Business School in Paris and Bordeaux, where he has lectured on the finances of arts and culture, museum management, and the art market. As part of his doctoral degree in Arts Management, successfully completed in March 2017, he conducted research on the performance measurement of public art museums. He spent part of his doctoral studies in Paris at the Université Paris III Sorbonne-Nouvelle as visiting researcher in the Department of Médiation Culturelle.